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Our next venue… Mr Fogg’s Hot Air Balloon Bar

By April 1, 2016News

Londoners will have the opportunity to sip on world-class cocktails amongst the clouds as we launch our next venture, Mr Fogg’s Hot Air Balloon Bar, this August.

Inspired by Jules Verne’s famed novel, Around the World in 80 Days, the third instalment in the Mr Fogg’s brand will levitate high in the sky and circumnavigate London in 80 minutes, taking guests on a grand tour of the city’s most beloved landmarks. The experience will get off to a flying start, as all guests will be gifted a custom-made parachute upon arrival and given a crash course in the art of landing stylishly in the rare event of an emergency.

The sky-bound spectacle will feature a bar on board, stocked with the finest spirits and rare products from around the world, providing an elegant drinking experience on each occasion. Fresh water will be fetched whilst traversing through rainclouds and served from Thistle Gold crystal pitchers. Hungry ballooners can look forward to specially prepared delicacies, including scrumptious chicken satay and roast marshmallows cooked in the crown of the balloon, served in style on embossed fine bone china for guests to enjoy from miniature set tables. Mr Fogg’s Hot Air Balloon Bar will launch from Shoreditch Park, taking to the skies as gently as a breeze and will return guests an hour and 20 minutes later with their heads still up in the clouds.

Enjoyment at its height!

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Mr Fogg's Hot Air Balloon Bar