Mr Fogg’s Explorer Series presents Laura Bingham
Mr Fogg's Residence
15 Bruton Lane, London, W1J 6JD
Monday 8th May 7:01pm
- Monday 8th May 8:31pm

A girl after Phileas Fogg’s own heart, she left home at 18 years of age to explore the earth and its kaleidoscope of cultures. After travelling around the world, she eventually landed in Mexico where she taught English and undertook challenging conservation work to protect the endangered jaguar. Challenging herself even further Laura, and a crew of two men and a cat, sailed back home to England across the Atlantic in a 38ft Trimaran.

Further fulfilling her desire to fully explore the earth, in 2016 she set off to attempt to cross an entire continent without any money – completely human-powered. Laura hopes that by travelling with no money she can begin to catch a small glimpse of a life entirely dependent on the kindness of those around her. During her travels, she ate left-over scraps of restaurant customer’s plates, rummaged through bins, and foraged in garbage tips in search of edible food trash. Laura raised both money and awareness for Operation South America, a charity that looks after homeless or abused girls and young women in Paraguay.

Guests of Mr Fogg’s will be invited to mentally escape the busy streets of London and transport themselves to more remote territories, as Bingham divulges her most terrifying and triumphant tales. As well as her bravery and admirable passion for adventure, Laura also boasts impressive survival skills including archery, knife throwing and fire starting. Laura also shares an extraordinary life with fellow explorer Ed Stafford, whom she married in 2016.

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