Mr Fogg’s Explorer Series presents Alistair Carr
Mr Fogg's Residence
15 Bruton Lane, London, W1J 6JD
Monday 13th March 6:01pm
- Monday 13th March 8:01pm

Mr Fogg’s Explorer Series has played host to a variety of well travelled characters including the likes of Levison Wood, Simon Reeve, Bear Grylls, The Tempest Two, Michael Portillo, The Turner Twins and in September the greatest living explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes. Mr Fogg himself is extremely well travelled and a self proclaimed bibliophile so it’s with great pleasure we welcome Alistair Carr to give an Explorer Series talk.

‘It promises to be an engaging talk followed by a short question and answer session.  Alistair Carr is an author, artist and explorer who has lived and travelled with nomads in some of the planet’s most remote wildernesses.  The Nomad’s Path:Travels in the Sahel is an account of a journey across the Manga with former Tubu rebels during the second Tuareg rebellion.  Situated in south-eastern Niger, in the shadow of the Old Salt Road, the Manga is one of Africa’s most remote and wild regions where no Caucasian had been seen in living memory.’

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